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p. 5
Memories of APR’s First 50 Years
curated by Major Jackson

p. 10
Gentle or Not
Laura Cresté

p. 11
Begin with Me & Other Poems
Tyree Daye

p. 14
Echo in Winter & Other Poems
Leila Chatti

p. 16
Each Morning Calls Us to Praise This World That Is Fleeting & Other Poems
Jane Hirshfield

p. 17
Two Essays from Finger Exercises for Poets
Dorianne Laux

p. 20
The Fish Ladder & Other Poems
Timothy Donnelly

p. 22
Beating the rush & Other Poems
Bob Hicok

p. 24
Ghosts, with Figurative Language
Matthew Tuckner

p. 25
The Song Starts in My Body: On Muriel Rukeyser and the Forms of Poetry
Philip Metres

p. 29
September & Other Poems
Nathaniel Perry

p. 32
Golden & Other Poems
Nick Flynn

p. 33
Transportation Songs: A Review of Sean Singer’s Today in the Taxi
Michael Bazzett
APR Books

p. 34
Thirsty & Other Poems
Leopoldine Core

p. 36
Meditations on Ghosts
Felicia Zamora

p. 37
Virginia Konchan

p. 38
Asa Drake

p. 38
The Dead
Adam Scheffler

p. 39
A Painting I Can’t Remember 7 & Other Poems
Carmen Giménez

p. 40
Caroline Harper New