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p. 4
Anabasis & Other Poems
Shane McCrae

p. 6
Zing & Other Poems
Rae Armantrout

p. 7
DMZ Colony and the Totalitarian Translator
Simon Shieh

p. 12
from Fixer
Edgar Kunz

p. 14
Prayer to Be Undone, Nocturne, & Haunts
Danusha Laméris

p. 15
The Wounded Clock & Other Poems
Elaine Equi

p. 16
Scouts & Other Poems
Jesse Nathan

p. 18
An Interview with Bianca Stone

p. 20
Daphne, Felled & Lion Painted by Someone Who Has Never Seen a Lion
Emilia Phillips

p. 21
Hussain Ahmed

p. 22
Aubade, 2020
Kwame Opoku-Duku

p. 22
on dating
Gordon Mitchell Smith

p. 23
The Past Is Alive with Us: Jenny Xie’s “Red Puncta”
Weiji Wang

p. 25
A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours & Other Poems
Joseph O. Legaspi

p. 26
Caf. Konzert & Winter (Berlin)
Maureen N. Mclane

p. 27
The Story of Her Arrival, “No House,” & Love, I Am
Elizabeth Jacobson

p. 28
On Our Birthday, Grace Jones and I Discuss Spectacle
Tariq Thompson

p. 29
Everything Alive Contends: On Translation and Perfection
Jeff Alessandrelli

p. 31
Disintegration & In the Second Year of the Plague, I Plant a Fig Tree
Jeannine Hall Gailey

p. 32
Mother & Kitchen Utensils
Elizabeth Clark Wessel

p. 33
Camellia & Aestheticity
Matt Hart

p. 34
Divination & Other Poems
Noelle Kocot

p. 35
On Ama Codjoe, Bluest Nude
Joy Priest
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sam sax