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Welcome to Display and Imaging

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the first issue of Display and Imaging which is the newest publication in OCP Science. As implied in its name, this academic journal is launched to list the newest research performances covering a comparatively wide range of basic and applied research topics related to the materials, physics, and devices for display and imaging.

The fields of display and imaging which have been studied and grown over the last three decades have been widely applied to our daily lives owing to their innovative technological development and to many outstanding recent accomplishments.

In the area of display, which includes liquid crystal display (LCD) and plasma display panel (PDP), consistent research efforts are being made. This area has drawn attention as an important information delivery medium in the multimedia age. The organic light emitting display (OLED) keeps a high profile owing to its light emitting in low voltage. OLED has been spotlighted intensively because of its qualities of being a transformable flexible display as well as being as thin as a flat display. Their prototypes have been reported continuously.

The imaging area also plays an important role in the medical, media and service industries. The science and technology for biological and medical imaging, which are undergoing innovation daily, have made large impacts on the general bio-health industry. Examples include new medicines, new examination and treatments as well as the development of new medical instruments. New imaging techniques allow observation of the dynamics of biological phenomena precisely, advancing the examination and treatment of diseases. In particular, the digital imaging industry has become a key innovative industry and influential in various media and service industries such as 3D imaging, mobile service, cyber reality, wearable computer, 3D television, etc.

Accordingly, display and imaging are complementary and accompanying parts. Display and Imaging is being established as an academic journal to combine these two elements, and to provide a firm base for the science and technology platform that is essential to the improvement of the advanced performance and the extension of scientific application.

Initially Display and Imaging will start as a quarterly publication and will handle original, peer-reviewed review or feature articles. The contributed papers will be articulated through peer-review at the same time. Four prominent researchers will be chosen as regional editors depending on their areas for the successful publication of the journal. I will perform the editing work in teamwork with them. In addition, an editorial board consisting of 33 researchers in related fields will contribute to the academic development of the related topics through sharing and cooperation.

Please refer to the “Aims and Scope” herein for further details. The publishing team of OCP is being highly appreciated for their efforts in making this journal possible. Submission of many papers on the most updated and state of the art science and technology is anticipated. The establishment of this journal is expected to bring keen interest from researchers and provide important contributions to the academic development in the field of display and imaging.

Kwang-Sup Lee

Regional Editors

North American Editor
Jean-Michel Nunzi
Queen’s University, Canada

South American Editor
Osvaldo J. Oliveira
Sao Paulo University at Sao Carlos, Brazil

European Editor
Francois Kajzar
Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania Angers University, France

Asian Editor
Eunkyoung Kim
Yonsei University, South Korea

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