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3D Display Technology
Nam Kim, Anh-Hoang Phan, Munkh-Uchral Erdenebat, Ashraful Alam, Ki-Chul Kwon, Mei-Lan Piao and Jeong-Hyeon Lee

In the last few decades, three-dimensional (3D) display has become very promising, with commercial products awaiting release to the mass market. 3D display has become more compact, comfortable and cheap. In the rapid development of material, computer technology has been the main factor. This paper will review the major trends in 3D-display technology, and covers stereoscopic display, integral imaging display, head-mounted display, volumetric display, and holographic display.

Keywords: Stereoscopic display, Light field display, 360 degree viewing angle, Integral-floating display, Holographic optical element, Real-time holography

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