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Visualizing Carrier Motion in Organic Devices by Electric Field Induced Optical Second Harmonic Generation
Mitsumasa Iwamoto, Takaaki Manaka and Dai Taguchi

By probing dielectric polarization originating from electric field arisen from carriers, we visualize carrier motions in organic devices. The method we use is electric field induced optical second harmonic generation (EFISHG) measurement, where nonlinear polarization induced in solids by coupling with incident electromagnetic waves of laser beam and dc electric field that is originating from moving carriers is visualized; Experiments making use of time-resolved EFISHG technique reveals carrier transfer in organic films. The authors anticipate that a novel technique using EFISHG can be a powerful tool to visualize carrier behaviors in organic devices.

Keywords: electric-field-induced optical second-harmonic generation, imaging system, nonlinear polarization, organic device, Maxwell-Wagner effect, electrical circuit analysis, carrier motion, anisotropy, space charge field, interfacial charge propagation.

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