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Design of ruthenium-alkynyl complexes as nonlinear optical chromophores
J-L Fillaut

This review paper focuses on the design and non linear optical properties of trans-Ru(dppe)2 (dppe = 1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane) alkynyl complexes and their derivatives. These systems constitute remarkable second and third-order non linear optical active chromophores. Furthermore, modifying the environment around the ruthenium affords the possibility of tuning their non linear optical performances and accessing facile non linear optical switching. The coverage is focused on quadratic (second-order) and cubic (third-order) non linear optical properties measured at molecular level from solution studies as well as on non linear optical properties of bulk materials.

Keywords: Organometallic complexes, Alkynyl-ruthenium complexes, Dendrimers, Second-order nonlinear optics, Third-order nonlinear optics

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