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Optical properties of self-assembled aluminum phthalocyanine chloride thin films
A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, D. Guichaoua, S. Taboukhat, A. Korcala and B. Sahraoui

Optical and structural investigations of the aluminum phthalocyanine chlorides thin films are presented. The films were fabricated by vacuum sublimation technique onto quartz substrates and annealed after fabrication in an ambient atmosphere for 24 hours at the temperature equal to 250°C. The linear optical properties of the thin films were studied by the measurements of the transmission and reflection spectra at the normal incidence of the light in the spectral range 200-2000nm. We show that the linear optical properties are dependent on the thin film’s structure. Experimental results were used for theoretical calculations of the dispersion and absorption parameters for the films. We found that the annealing process changes the value of the optical band gaps and causes formation of nanostructures what makes this material interesting for future optical applications.

Keywords: Aluminum Phthalocyanine Chloride, Optical Properties, Annealing Process, Nanostructural Thin Films

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