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Strong Electron-withdrawing Heterocycles in Recent Nonlinear Optics Applications
Pierre Audebert

In this short review article, are recalled the most important recent findings on the use of highly electrodeficient heterocycles in nonlinear optics (NLO) Rather than making an extensive citation report, the author tends to focalize on the most striking challenges, and the new innovative attractors, giving a large place to modern challenges in NLO, like tow-photon absorption (TPA). Emphasize is put on demonstrating how the dimensionality of new NLO molecules, by changing the relative donor/attractor ratio, increases the interest of using highly accepting heterocycles. In this brief survey, are also evoked the importance of emerging fields for “recycling” old concepts, like modern all-organic photovoltaics and delayed fluorescence.

Keywords: NLO, electron-withdrawing heterocycles, push-pull molecules, two-photon absorption (TPA), triazines, tetrazines, triazoles, conjugated molecules, delayed fluorescence, photovoltaics

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