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Carbazoles in Optoelectronic Applications
Heather Higginbotham, Krzysztof Karon, Przemyslaw Ledwon and Przemyslaw Data

The chemistry of carbazoles is well known in optoelectronics. Nowadays, carbazoles are still of significant interest as optoelectronic materials, either as pure carbazoles or as polymeric derivatives. As well as the sustained interest in small carbazole derivatives in applications such as OLEDs and photovoltaic devices, there is also a growing trend towards the use of polymeric compounds in similar applications. In regards to polymeric derivatives, there is also a further shift in research focus from linear conjugated polymers to dendritic forms, as well as branched and hyperbranched systems or molecules featuring star-shaped architectures. Using these dendritic systems, it is possible to achieve defined materials with the same molecular weight as linear polymers.

Keywords: Carbazoles, Organic electronics, OLEDs, Conjugated polymers, Solar cells

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