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Color Tuning and Ce3+ Doping in InP/ZnS Quantum Dots
Deepak Chandran, Su-Min Jeon, Xue-Cheng Teng and Kwang-Sup Lee

Group III-V semiconducting nanocrystals (NCs) have attracted tremendous attention as an eco-friendly alternative to the current workhorse CdSe quantum dot. The lower photoluminescence quantum yield and operational stability of III-V have led to many investigations aimed at improving these systems. The isolation of the active quantum dot as a core-shell structure has been proposed as a way to improve its optical properties and stability. Alternatively doping is also proposed as a means to improve these aspects. Here we attempt to introduce a new chemical synthesis route of InP/ZnS core-shell type quantum dots (QDs). Color control was achieved by tuning the size of the QDs. QDs having photoluminescence (PL) emission under UV irradiation from infrared (IR) to blue were successfully synthesized. This synthesis method is also highly suited for doping. We also present preliminary results regarding Ce3+ doping of InP QDs.

Keywords: Semiconducting nanocrystals, Nontoxic quantum dots, Color tuning, Doped quantum dots

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