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p. 1-11
Hautes pressions et substances magnetiques ordonnées (Mise au point)
D. Bloch
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p. 13-20
Thermal diffusivity measurement by the modulated electron beam method. Thermal diffusivity of iron between 280°C and 1100°C
M. J. Wheeler
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p. 21-26
Messung der Temperaturleitzahl fester Stoffe bei hohen Temperaturen
E. Chafik, R. Mayer, und R. Pruschek
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p. 27-33
Chaleur specifique de UN, UC, et U02
C. Affortit
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p. 35-39
Die Änderung von Kristallitgröße und Gitterspannung von kleinen Kristalliten unter hohem Druck
A. Krauth
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p. 41-52
Phase diagrams of NaBF4 and NaCI04 to 40 kbar and the crystal-chemical relationship between the structures of CaS04, AgMn04, BaS04 and high-NaCI04
C. W. F. T. Pistorius, J. C. A. Boeyens, and J. B. Clark
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p. 53-75
Druck-Zustandsverhalten, Druckphasen und Druck-Mischungsverhalten im binären System Silberjodid-Kupfer l Jodid
E. Hinze
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p. 77-81
The variation of the pressure coefficient of resistivity in gallium arsenide with carrier concentration
G. A. N. Connell
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p. 83-92
Contribution to the study of high-intensity arcs of non-cylindrical shape
M. F. Hoyaux
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p. 93-101
Isolement thermique simple pour le chauffage dans un gaz à hautes pressions
P. Malbrunot, P. Meunier, et D. Vidal
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p. 103-106
The properties of highly conducting iodides at high pressure and temperature. I. Electrical properties
R. S. Bradley, D. C. Munro, and S. I. Ali
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p. 107-110
Investigation of the phase transformation between α- and β-silicon carbide at high pressures
E. D. Whitney and P. T. B. Shaffer
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p. 111-118
Hall effect measurements to 65 kbar in n-type gallium antimonide
G. D. Pitt
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p. 119-120
Conferences and meetings
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