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p. 483-515
X-Ray diffraction at high pressures (A review)
M.D. Banus
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p. 517-529
High-speed methods of measuring specific heat of electrical conductors at high temperatures (A review)
A. Cezairliyan
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p. 531-542
The high temperature specific heat of body-centred-cubic refractory metals
M. Hoch
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p. 543-551
The thermodynamic properties and the equilibrium diagram of the system chromium-iron
F. Müller and O. Kubaschewski
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p. 553-559
Phase diagrams of NH4H2PO4 and KH2AsO4 to 52 kbar and 400°C
J.B. Clark
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p. 561-570
Phase relations of RbClO4 and RbBF4 to high pressures
C.W.F.T. Pistorius and J.B. Clark
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p. 571-579
The conductivity of molten alkali halides under pressure
J.E. Bannard and G.J. Hills
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p. 581-587
High-pressure Hall measurements on cinnabar-structure HgTe
G.D. Pitt and J. Lees
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p. 589-596
Propriétés de transfert d’un mélange hélium-potassium avec déséquilibre
R. Darrigo
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p. 597-600
Mesure de la dureté du graphite a haute temperature (Note technique)
G. Kamoun
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p. 601-602
The fusion curve of germanium at high pressures (Technical note)
J. Lees
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p. 603
Association News
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p. 605
Conferences and meetings
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