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p. 607-649
Ablation phenomenology (A review)
M.L. Minges
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p. 651-656
Kinetik der Ta/Mo- und der W/Mo-Austauschdiffusion in Me5Si3-Mischsiliziden
E. Fitzer und K. Matthias
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p. 657-661
Total hemispherical emissivity, spectral normal emissivity at a wavelength 0.65 μm, and electrical resistivity of tantalum carbide at very high temperatures
V.A. Petrov, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi, A.E. Sheindlin, and V.A. Nikolaeva
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p. 663-673
Direct heating methods for measuring thermal conductivity of solids at high temperatures
R.E. Taylor, F.E. Davis, and R.W. Powell
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p. 675-677
The melting curve and the equation of state of ice VII in the 100 kbar range
W.B. Holzapfel
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p. 679-696
Vacancy filling in titanium monoxide under high pressure
A. Taylor and N.J. Doyle
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p. 697-704
Relations pression-volume-température des bromures d’alcoyle primaires. 3. Compression isotherme du bromoéthane et du bromo-1-butane
M. Millet et G. Jenner
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p. 705-711
The fatigue limit of cylinders subjected to repeated internal pressures
G.H. Haslam
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p. 713-717
Hall effect measurements at high pressures
W.B. Holzapfel and D. Severin
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p. 719-723
Röntgenographischer Nachweis von Eigenspannungen in MoSi2-Schichten auf Molybdän
K. Matthias
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p. 725
Conferences and meetings
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p. 727-729
Author index
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p. 731-734
Subject index
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