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p. 1-27
Thermal neutron scattering studies of condensed matter under high pressures (A review)
Colin J. Carlile, David C. Salter
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p. 29-66
High-temperature mechanical properties of carbon and graphite (A review)
Erich Fitzer, Manfred Heym
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p. 67-78
Carbon and graphite in ironmaking: experiences in some British ironworks
John L. Evans, George Mawby
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p. 79-86
Carbon-carbon composites as high-strength refractories
Colin R. Thomas, Edgar J. Walker
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p. 87-95
High-pressure hot pressing of silicon nitride powders
Svante Prochazka, William A. Rocco
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p. 97-103
Infrared spectra and phase transitions of solids under pressure. 6
Sefton D. Hamann
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p. 105-108
Electric resistivity of gold
Richard A Matula, Paul G Klemens
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p. 109-117
Der spezifische elektrische Widerstand von Hafniumcarbonitriden
Gerhard Brundiers, Brigitte Schulz
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p. 119-120
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p. 121-122
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