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6th ETPC: Measurement Methods

p. 1-8
Standardized methods for the measurement of thermophysical properties
Kosta Maglic
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p. 9-27
Advances in measurements of thermophysical properties by dynamic techniques
Ared Cezairliyan
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p. 29-34
Thermophysical properties research in North America between two conferences
V.V. Mirkovich
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p. 35-42
A submicrosecond-pulse-heating method for the determination of thermophysical properties of metals up to very high temperatures
Ulrich Seydel, Holger Bauhof, Wolfgang Fucke, Heinrich Wadle
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p. 43-58
Heat-pulse thermal diffusivity measurements
Raymond E. Taylor
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p. 59-68
Thermal diffusivity of solids—analysis of a modulated heating-beam technique
Rüdiger Brandt, Günther Neuer
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p. 69-74
An apparatus for high-temperature material research under ultrahigh-vacuum conditions
Irina M. Curelaru, Bo J. Sörensen
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p. 75-86
Spherical acoustic resonators for temperature and thermophysical property measurements
Michael R. Moldover, Meyer Waxman, Martin Greenspan
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6th ETPC: Temperature (Applications)

p. 87-101
Unconventional methods for measuring high temperatures
Herman A. Tasman, Joseph Richter
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p. 103-109
The measurement of in-depth and surface temperatures of transparent materials exposed to intense laser radiation
Allan S. Myerson, Edmund J. Rolinski
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p. 111-116
Phenomenology of ionic thermometers
Dušan Jakeš, Miroslav Strnad, Josef Kott
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p. 117-118
Optimal photoelectronic pyrometer for measuring the true temperature of metals by radiation
D. Ya. Svet, V.I. Sayapina, V.V. Levchuk, T.N. Ezhova, A.F. Parfinovich
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