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6th ETPC: Optical Properties

p. 355-381
Measurement of thermal radiation properties of materials
Joseph C. Richmond
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p. 383-391
Investigation of the thermal-radiation properties of technical rough metal surfaces
Bernhard Wörner, Günther Neuer
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p. 393-397
The effect of oxidation and roughness on the total normal emittance of stainless steel
C. Isetti, E. Nannei, C. Pisoni
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p. 399-405
Raman spectroscopy of fluorite-related ordered phases in the ZrO2-Sc2O3-Yb2O3 system
Haruo Arashi, Bernard Piriou
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p. 407-414
Density of states and structural forms related to physical properties of amorphous solids
Bernard Piriou, Pierre Alain
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p. 415-422
High-temperature conventional and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy of vibrational states in oxide crystals
Didier Billard, Jean-Louis Servoin, François Gervais, Bernard Piriou
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p. 423-428
Spectral emittance of silica glasses at high temperatures
A.V. Dvurechenskii, V.A. Petrov, V. Yu. Reznik
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p. 429-434
Radiative heat transfer in fibreglass insulating materials as related to their optical properties
François Cabannes, Jean-Claude Maurau, Michel Hyrien, Sorïn M. Klarsfeld
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6th ETPC: Thermophysical Properties of Metals

p. 435-450
Metallurgical applications of thermophysical property research
Roy Taylor
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p. 451-458
Physical properties of slags based on CaF2
Kenneth C. Mills, Brian J. Keene, John S. Powell, James W. Bryant
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p. 459-464
Temperature dependence of the thermophysical properties and electric conductivity of ferrous dilute binary alloys Fe-Ti, Fe-V, and Fe-W
Kiyosi Kobayasi, Toshio Ohmori, Yoshinori Fujimura
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p. 465-470
The density and thermal expansion of iron and ferrous alloys
A.S. Basin, Ya. L.. Kolotov, S.V. Stankus
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p. 471-475
Thermal expansion reference data: 1-1000 K
Guy K. White
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