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6th ECTP: Thermodynamic Properties; Equation of State

p. 477-483
Thermodynamic properties of manganese, chromium, and vanadium germanides at elevated temperatures
V.N. Eremenko, L.V. Goncharuk, G.M. Lukashenko, R.I. Polotskaya, V.R. Sidorko
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p. 485-490
Calculation of some thermodynamic properties of liquid-crystal compounds
A.G. Shashkov, I.P. Zhuk, V.A. Karolik
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p. 491-498
An effect of asymmetry of the rate of the heat flow and of the effective thermal conductivity
Wiesław Gogół
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p. 499-510
Functional equations for the second virial coefficient
Jack R. Woolf
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p. 511-517
Toward a fundamental equation for water in the metastable states
Amir Karimi, John Lienhard
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p. 519-528
Prediction of the vapour pressure of pure substances by using an equation of state
Ratomir Paunović, Biljana Škrbić, Miodrag Novaković, Ljiljana Petrašinović
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6th ECTP: Thermophysical Properties of Liquids, Liquid Metals, and Gases

p. 529-538
Thermodynamic characterization of liquid metals at high temperature by isobaric expansion measurements
G. Roger Gathers, John W. Shaner, W. Mark Hodgson
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p. 539-542
Combined study of the thermophysical and electrophysical properties of rare-earth sesquioxides in solid and liquid phases
E.E. Shpil’rain, D.N. Kagan, L.S. Barkhatov, L.I. Zhmakin, V.V. Koroleva
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p. 543-550
The density of liquid potassium at near-critical temperatures
K.A. Yakimovich, A.G. Mozgovoi, V.V. Dubinin
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p. 551-559
Thermal conductivity of organic liquids measured by a transient hot-wire technique
Carlos A. Nieto de Castro, Jorge C.G. Calado, William A. Wakeham
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p. 561-569
High-precision measurements of thermal conductivity of fluids by an absolute technique. New measurements on toluene
Wolfgang Leidenfrost
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p. 571-580
Viscosity and density of n-hexane-cyclohexane mixtures between 25 and 100 °C up to 500 MPa
James D. Isdale, John H. Dymond, Trevor A. Brawn
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p. 581-586
Thermal conductivity of liquids: comparison of predicted values with experimental results at different temperatures
Carlo Baroncini, Pietro Di Filippo, Giovanni Latini, Marco Pacetti
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p. 587-596
Thermal conductivity of rare gases at high pressures
Roland Tufeu, Daniel Vidal, Michel Lallemand, Bernard Le Neindre
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p. 597-605
The thermal conductivity and electric resistivity of copper and copper alloys in the molten state
Ronald P. Tye, Robert W. Hayden
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