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p. 607-608
6th European Thermophysical Properties Conference
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6th ETPC: Thermophysical Properties of Metals

p. 609-614
Thermal conductivity and emissivity of tantalum measured with an imaging furnace
V E Peletskii, A V Kostanovskii
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p. 615-624
Measurement of the relative enthalpy of tungsten between 273 · 15 and 1173 · 15 K; derived electronic heat-capacity coefficient
David A Ditmars
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p. 625-627
Thermal expansion of rhenium at high temperatures
V A Petukhov, V Ya Chekhovskoi, V G Andrianova
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p. 629-634
Entropies of fusion of metallic elements
S A Kats, V Ya Chekhovskoi
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p. 635-642
Thermophysical data for various transition metals at high temperatures obtained by a submicrosecond-pulse-heating method
Ulrich Seydel, Holger Bauhof, Wolfgang Fucke, Heinrich Wadle
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p. 643-651
Thermophysical property measurements on some neutron absorbing materials
Kevin E Gilchrist, Stephen D Preston
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p. 653-668
Very high temperature thermophysical properties of solid and liquid vanadium and iridium
G Roger Gathers, John W Shaner, Robert S Hixson, David A Young
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p. 669-681
Interpretation of direct-heating measurements on a long, but not thin, rod
Hubert M James
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p. 683-692
Vacancies and a generalised melting curve of metals
Tadeusz Górecki
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p. 693-702
An apparatus to determine total normal emissivity of opaque and diathermanous liquids at high temperatures
Brian J Keene, Terence J Quinn
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p. 703-707
The high-pressure phase diagram of Pbl2 to 3 · 5 GPa
Paul W Richter, James B Clark
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p. 709-710
Measurement of the radial thermal expansion coefficient of carbon fibres
Waldemar Marciniak, Franciszek Rozploch
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p. 711-712
Conferences and Meetings
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p. 713-717
Author index
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p. 719-721
Subject index
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