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p. 1-10
Secondary-standard gauges for accurate pressure measurement up to about 1 GPa (A review)
Graham N. Peggs
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p. 11-22
High-temperature properties of some carbon-carbon composites
Claus G. Goetzel
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p. 23-32
Combined-mode fracture toughness of reactor-grade graphite at high temperature
Sennosuke Sato, Kiyohiro Kawamata, Hideo Awaji, Masayuki Miyauchi
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p. 33-45
Inhomogeneities in type S thermocouples when used to 1064 °C
Robin E. Bentley, Trebor P. Jones
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p. 47-59
Volume compression of cerium up to 4 GPa
Anil K. Singh
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p. 61-66
The possible nature of reported insulator-to-metal transitions in oxides under high pressure
O.L. Kuskov, N.I. Khitarov
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p. 67-73
Temperature coefficients of the bismuth I -II and the bismuth II -III transition pressures from 20 to 175 °C
Simon A.G. Peerdeman, Nestor J. Trappeniers, Jan A. Schouten
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p. 75-79
A redetermination of the melting curve of tin to 3·7 GPa
Angus I. Kingon, James B. Clark
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p. 81-84
The reaction of nitrogen gas with molten silicon
Sampad K. Biswas, Joydeb Mukerji
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p. 85-92
Zirconium depletion profiles in a niobium-5 at% zirconium alloy after high-temperature vacuum annealing
Hermann Jehn, Emilio Olzi
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p. 93-98
Mass spectrometric study of the evaporation of crystalline compounds in the Cs2O-Al2O3-SiO2 system. 1. The synthetic compound CsAlSi2O6 and the mineral pollucite
Reinhard Odoj, Klaus Hilpert
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p. 99-102
Heat transfer in a red fuming nitric acid-unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine rocket motor
Luciano Angelin, Gian B. Guarise, Sergio A. Rienzi
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p. 103-108
Phase transition lines of the blue phase of cholesteryl nonanoate up to 1200 bars
Peter Pollmann, Gregor Scherer
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p. 109-112
Sources of light emission during shock experiments
David A. Cremers, Philip L. Marston, George E. Duvall
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p. 113-116
A mercury porosimeter for pressures up to 1 · 5 kbar
Gerd Hölzel, Harro Lentz
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p. 117-118
Conferences and meetings
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