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p. 119-129
Methods of measuring specific heat of solids at high pressure (A review)
Christiane Loriers-Susse
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p. 131-146
High-temperature properties of some reinforced phenolic composites
Claus G. Goetzel
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p. 147-160
Thermophysical properties of POCO graphite
Raymond E. Taylor, Hans Groot
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p. 161-168
Study of the spectral reflectivity and emissivity of liquid ceramics
Manfred Bober, Hans U. Karow, Klaus Müller
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p. 169-178
Enthalpy measurements on solid and liquid molybdenum by levitation calorimetry
Gerhard Betz, Martin G. Frohberg
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p. 179-188
Teildiagramm des quasi-ternären B2O3-Li2O-La2O3 Systems
Petr Bohac, Andreas Gäumann
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p. 189-194
Generalization of thermal conductivity and viscosity data for monatomic alkali metal vapours
Boris Stefanov
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p. 195-203
High-pressure and high-temperature studies of liquid bismuth. Effects of copper and platinum contacts
Gary C. Vezzoli
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p. 205-211
Eine Gasdruckapparatur für Neutronenbeugungsuntersuchungen bei tiefen Temperaturen
Ekkehard Jansen, Georg Will
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p. 213-216
High-pressure transformations of tungsten trioxide
Ekhard Salje, Gerke Hoppmann
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p. 217-220
The equilibrium boundary of spinel ^ corundum + periclase: a calibration curve for pressures above 100 kbar
Lin-gun Liu
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p. 221-223
Pressure-induced phase transition in adamantanone
Kimihiko Hara, Jiro Osugi, Yoshihiro Taniguchi, Keizo Suzuki
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p. 225-227
Versuche zur Herstellung metalIfaserhältiger Keramik-Metall-Eutektika durch Lichtbogenschmelzen (Research note)
Gerhard Banik, Theo Schmitt, Werner Wruss, Benno Lux
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p. 229-236
Contactless measurement of the thermal conductivity of semitransparent materials at high temperatures
V.K. Bityukov, V.A. Petrov, S.V. Stepanov
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p. 237-240
Temperature changes and the accuracy of measurement of hydrostatic pressures (Research note)
Zdenka Podrouzková
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