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p. 241-246
Primary temperature measurement above the gold point
Giuseppe Ruffino
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p. 247-252
Effect of the emissivity of real bodies on pyrometer readings
Mauro Battuello, Teresio Ricolfi
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p. 253-259
High-temperature applications of the IMGC noise thermometer
Luigi Crovini
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p. 261-266
Quad-cell mass spectrometry: thermodynamic properties of liquid aluminium-nickel alloys
Graham R. Johnston, Lawrence D. Palmer
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p. 267-271
Vacancy concentration in dilute alloys determined by differential calorimetry
Eberhardt Schunck, Jens Nölting
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p. 273-280
Identification and the thermodynamic stabilities of titanium carbide species in the vapor above the titanium-iridium-graphite system
Satish K. Gupta, Karl A. Gingerich
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p. 281-290
The high-temperature enthalpies of zinc sulfate and zinc oxysulfate
Pamela K. Hosmer, Oscar H. Krikorian
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p. 291-296
Thermal expansion of cubic crystals
Ramesh C. Shukla, Rosemary A. MacDonald
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p. 297-306
Spectral reflectivity and emissivity of solid and liquid UO2 as a function of wavelength, angle of incidence, and polarization
Manfred Bober
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p. 307-310
Total normal emittance of stainless steel at high temperatures: influence of oxide layer growth
Carlo Isetti, Enrico Nannei
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p. 311-316
Problems in presenting key values: linear expansivity of copper
Guy K. White, Ronald B. Roberts
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p. 317-325
A method for measuring the viscosity of radioactive waste glasses
James D. Brocklehurst, Kevin E. Gilchrist, Robin W. Adam, Stephen D. Preston
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p. 327-333
Heat storage in solid-solid phase transitions
Kjell Schroeder, Carl-Axel Sjöblom
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p. 335-349
Measurement of thermophysical properties by a pulse-heating method: platinum from 1000 K to the melting point
Francesco Righini, Alfonso Rosso
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p. 351-356
High-precision heat-pipe furnaces
Carlo Bassani, Claus A Busse, Franz Geiger
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p. 357-358
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