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p. 359-372
The emissivity of near-blackbody cavities for high-temperature pyrometry
Terry J. Quirin
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p. 373-394
Thermophysical questions and materials problems in inertial confinement fusion reactors
Hans U. Karow, Said I. Abdel-Khalik
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p. 395-402
High temperature measurements by noise thermometry
Marc Decreton, Luc Binard, Christian Delrez, Wolfgang Hebel, Wolfgang Schubert
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p. 403-410
Nicrosil and Nisil: new nickel-based thermocouple alloys of ultra-high thermoelectric stability
Noel A. Burley, Ralph M. Hess, Colin F. Howie
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p. 411-418
Influence of tungsten and tantalum on the vaporization of rare-earth oxides
Jo Caers, Florent G. Casteels, Martin J. Brabers
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p. 419-432
Improved experimental determination of critical-point data for tungsten
Wolfgang Fucke, Ulrich Seydel
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p. 433-440
Thermal stress in UO2 during sintering as a possible cause of cracking
Manuel A. Aragonés, Eduardo Tobias, Irene Tulli, Carmen Naquid
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p. 441-446
Thermal expansion measurements on boron carbide and europium sesquioxide by laser interferometry
Stephen D. Preston
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p. 447-456
Redox measurements in molten urania
Alan T. Chapman, Jorulf Brynestad, G. Wayne Clark
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p. 457-463
Temperature distribution in randomly and asymmetrically heated cylindrical structures
Robert A. Heller, Mahendra P. Singh
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p. 465-476
Measurement of the optical properties of solar energy materials
Joseph C Richmond
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