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p. 477-485
Effect of crack interaction on the fracture initiation and crack propagation in brittle ceramics subjected to severe thermal shock
Chi Shih, Jitendra P. Singh, Didericus P.H. Hasselman
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p. 487-494
Améliorations technologiques des thermocouples hautes températures utilisés dans les réacteurs nucléaires
Robert Schley, Jean-Pierre Lévèque, Christian Davoine, Gérard Métauer, Michel Gantois
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p. 495-502
Pair-correlation interpretation of free energy of mixing—application to to some alloys
Henri Leribaux
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p. 503-514
Analysis of laser surface heating experiments for the determination of high-temperature equations of state of fast-breeder fuels
Joseph Magill, Claudio Ronchi, Jean-François Babelot, Keith A. Long, Roland W. Ohse
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p. 515-536
Consistency of measurements and calculations of the total pressure over UO2 at high temperatures: review of the specific heat
Keith A. Long, Jean-François Babelot, Joseph Magill, Roland W. Ohse
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p. 537-548
Equation of state of uranium oxide: Mach-disk investigation of transient laser-induced vaporization of UO2 up to 5000 K
Roland W. Ohse, Jean-François Babelot, Aldo Frezzotti, Keith A. Long, Joseph Magill
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p. 549-554
Calorimetric investigation of precipitation processes in aluminium alloys
Wolfgang Lacom, Hans-Peter Degischer, Annemarie Zahra, Christian Y. Zahra
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p. 555-560
Thermal diffusivity measurements on standard reference materials
Kosta D. Maglić, Nenad Perović, Z. Zivotić
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p. 561-564
Determination of specific heat and thermal disorder in cuprous iodide at high pressures by thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity measurements
Hermann-Ulrich Schrader, Jens Nölting
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p. 565-577
An accurate intermolecular potential for neon
Ronald A. Aziz
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p. 579-588
Thermal transport properties of niobium and some niobium-base alloys from 80 to 1 600 K
John P. Moore, Ron S. Graves, Robert K. Williams
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p. 589-598
The inversion of thermodynamic and transport-property data: application to metal vapours at high temperatures
Geoffrey C. Maitland, Velisa Vesovic, William A. Wakeham, Carlos A. Nieto de Castro
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