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p. 599-633
All-ceramic fuel elements for the high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (A review)
Ronald E. Bullock
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p. 635-641
An investigation on the solubility of helium in nickel
Hans J. von den Driesch, Peter Jung
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p. 643-647
Layer growth of Ni5Sb2 in the Ni-Sb diffusion couple at high pressure
Yutaka Fujiwara, Masatake Katayama, Kimihiko Hara, Jiro Osugi
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p. 649-654
Effect of pressure on the electric resistivity and Seebeck coefficient of some ternary rare-earth silicides
Viswanathan Vijayakumar, Sudhir N. Vaidya, Echur V. Sampathkumaran, Laxmi C. Gupta
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p. 655-662
Thermal conductivity, heat capacity and phase diagram of furan under pressure
Per Andersson
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p. 663-674
Catalytic graphitization of phenolic resin carbon by iron and ferrosilicons
Asao Ōya, Sugio Ōtani
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p. 675-689
A detailed theory for the calculation of thermodynamic properties of liquid alkali metals
G.S. Aslanyan, E.E. Shpil’rain, S.A. Trigger
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p. 691-697
High-density behaviour of extrapolated P, ρ, T surfaces of real fluids and the Riemann-Hugoniot catastrophe
Marjan Ribarič, Boštjan Žekš
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p. 699-705
Computer modelling of a multi-wavelength pyrometer for measuring true surface temperature
James L. Gardner
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p. 707-708
Conferences and meetings
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p. 709-713
Author index
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p. 715-718
Subject index
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