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p. 1-7
Electric properties of refractory oxides in relation to the conversion, storage, and conservation of energy
Anne-Marie Anthony
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p. 9-22
Determination of thermophysical properties by direct electric heating
Raymond E. Taylor
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p. 23-29
The effects of oxygen pressure on phase relations in La2O3-Cr2O3 and La2O3-Cr2O3-CaO systems at high temperature
René Berjoan, Christian Romand
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p. 31-37
Thermal conductivity measurements on light hydrocarbons over large temperature and pressure ranges
Roland Tufeu, Bernard Le Neindre
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p. 39-42
The electric conductivity and heats of high-temperature phase transitions of gadolinia
L.S. Barkhatov, L.I. Zhmakin, D.N. Kagan, V.V. Koroleva, E.E. Shpil’rain
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p. 43-49
Doping of cerium-based solid solutions by CaO, Y2O3, Sm2O3,Ta2O5, and Nb2O5
Michel Gouet, Joël Carriat, Bernard Chappey, Michel Guillou
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p. 51-56
Thermodynamics of CeO2_X-based solid solutions
Michel Gouet, Sidy Lô, Hervé Delebarre, Michel Guillou
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p. 57-68
Thermophysical properties of Pittsburgh seam coal
Ronald P. Tye, Andre O. Desjarlais, Joseph M. Singer
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p. 69-77
Cr2O3,Al2O3-Mo as a thermionic emitter material
Lodewijk R. Wolff, Constant J. Heijnen, Gos P. van der Wouw
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p. 79-88
Thermal diffusivity measurements on plasma-sprayed CaO-stabilized ZrO2
Rüdiger Brandt
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p. 89-96
Thermomechanical stability of underground installations: significance of the thermophysical properties of rocks
Vladimir V Mirkovich
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p. 97-103
Characterisation of some materials in the HfO2-TiO2 system
L’Octet Franco-Canadien
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p. 105-111
Studies of the thermodynamic systems U-O, Ce-O, U-Ce-O, U-La-O, Ce-La-O, and Ce-La-Y-O by mass spectrometry: improved statistical assessment of uncertainties in derived thermodynamic data
Charles Younés, Long Den Nguyen, André Pattoret
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p. 113-118
Measurement of thermal gap resistance and contact resistance by the modulated heating methods
Tuan Nguyen-Minh, Günther Neuer
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p. 119-120
Conferences and meetings
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