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p. 121-122
Scientific advances with carbons and graphites. Introduction to “Carbon ’80”, 3rd International Carbon Conference
Alfred R. Ubbelohde
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p. 123-124
Industrial advances of carbons and graphites. Introduction to “Carbon ’80”, 3rd International Carbon Conference
Frank V. Fair
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p. 125-131
Current problems in the manufacture of graphite for steelmaking electrodes
Erhard Wege
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p. 133-137
Arc-steel electrodes from coal via solvent extraction
Geoffrey M. Kimber, Anthony Brown, John N. Kirk
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p. 139-144
Evaluation of graphites for structural components of high-temperature gas-cooled reactors
Lewis A. Beavan, Glen B. Engle
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p. 145-151
Fatigue properties of nuclear graphite
Hiroshige Suzuki, Tadashi Maruyama, Tatsuo Oku, Hideo Kakui
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p. 153-158
Irreversible expansion and shrinkage during graphitization of isotropic carbon materials
Manfred H. Wagner, Wolfgang Hammer, Gerhard Wilhelmi
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p. 159-166
Mesophase dynamics via hot-stage cinemicroscopy
Anthony J. Perrotta, Raymond M. Henry, John D. Bacha, Edward W. Albaugh
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p. 167-176
Thermal desulphurization of petroleum coke
Željko Vrbanović
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p. 177-183
The criticalities of solvent composition in coal liquefaction
Francis J. Derbyshire, D. Duayne Whitehurst
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p. 185-192
Carbon-fibre-carbon composites from propylene by chemical vapour deposition
Borislav Dačić, Slobodan Marinković
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p. 193-199
Fracture behavior of carbon-fiber/CVD carbon composites
Shiushichi Kimura, Eiichi Yasuda, Nobuyuki Takase, Shigeaki Kasuya
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p. 201-206
Carbonization and activation of viscose rayon impregnated with inorganic additives
Ljubica Djuričić, Mirjana Polovina, Slobodan Marinković
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p. 207-213
Formation of carbon spherules from polyethylene under pressure
Michio Inagaki, Koji Kuroda, Mototsugu Sakai
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p. 215-220
Mechanism of formation of highly divided carbonaceous particles
Jacques Lahaye, Gilles Prado, Pierre Ehrburger
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p. 221-228
Structural properties and graphitization of silicon-containing pyrolytic carbon
Zoran Laušević, Čedomir Sužnjević, Slobodan Marinković
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p. 229-232
Kinetics of carbon film deposition in a flow system. The effect of flow rate on 1-butene pyrolysis and an integral relationship among reaction parameters for aliphatic hydrocarbons
Daniel B. Murphy, Robert W. Carroll
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p. 233-236
Oxydation en phase gazeuse de fibres de carbone: mise en évidence par adsorption et calorimétrie des modifications de l’état superficiel
Françoise Péquignot, Jean-François Molleyre, Jean-Marie Perrot, Marthe Bastick
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p. 237-240
Hydrogénation de carbones en méthane à basse température: réaction catalysée par le fer
Jackie Weber, Tamin Dabbagh, Marthe Bastick
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p. 241-242
Conferences and meetings
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