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p. 243-244
In Memoriam: Professor Yeram S Touloukian
Ared Cetairliyan
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p. 245-250
Outstanding problems in the bonding of the graphite lattice and the theory of the thermal properties of graphite
Brian T Kelly
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p. 251-262
Diffraction et diffusion quasiélastique des neutrons à haute température (au-dessus de 2000 k): aspect expérimental
Pierre Aldebert and Jean-Pierre Traverse
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p. 263-274
Carbon-Silicon interfaces studied by conventional transmission electron microscopy
Jean Goma, Michael Oberlin, Agnès Oberlin, Jacques Schneider and Christian Belouet
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p. 275-279
Changes in the macroporosity of nuclear reactor graphite under oxygen corrosion
Werner Katscher, Hans K Hinssen, Rainer Moorman, Wolfgang Delle, and Erich Wallura
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p. 281-285
Energiebetrachtungen zur Graphiterzeugung
Franz Schieber, Werner Lauterbach and Thomas Taube
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p. 287-296
A study of the liquid phase in the coking chamber during the delayed coking process
Heima Yamasaki, Honami Tanaka and Kosaku Noguchi
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p. 297-301
Linear dimensional changes occurring during the baking of pitch-bonded green carbon bodies
Italo Letizia and Filippo Calderone
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p. 303-306
Volume expansion of petroleum coke grains up to high temperatures
Italo Letizia, Aldolfo Di Pasquale and Filippo Calderone
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p. 307-311
Temperature and internal stress distributions of carbon electrodes used in an electric arc furnace for the production of silicon metal
Paolo D’Ambrosio and Italo Letizia
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p. 313-320
The kinetics of the GeO2 (α-quartz) → (rutile) transformation under high pressure
Nachhatter S Brar and Helmuth H Schloessin
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p. 321-327
Effects of pressure on thermolysis and photolysis of 1,1′-azobiscyclohexane-1-carbonitrile
Yoshiaki Ogo and Masaki Kojima
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p. 329-332
Tests of pressure cells for neutron-scattering experiments
Juergen Kalus and Hans Alt
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p. 333-345
Kinetics of lime-limestone sulfation: review of lime reactivity and sulfation kinetics in the dry limestone desulfurization processes
Werner Weisweiler and Gopendra K Roy
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p. 347-358
Kinetics of pressure-induced phase transformation in KCI at room temperature
Nozomu Hamaya and Syun-iti Akimoto
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p. 359
Conferences and meetings
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