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p. 361-385
X-Ray crystallography at high pressures, 1933-1980: a bibliography
David M. Adams, John V. Martin
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p. 387-398
Structural considerations in high-pressure phase transformations of simple crystals
Lin-gun Liu
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p. 399-406
AC calorimetry of solids at high hydrostatic pressures
I.N. Polandov, V.A. Chernenko, V.K. Novik
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p. 407-412
Thermal and electric properties of artificial graphite in the temperature range 500-2800 K
Mahmoud M. Mebed
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p. 413-417
High-temperature expansion of pressure vessels containing gas-producing materials
Abir Arbel, Dan Eliezer
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p. 419-422
High-temperature creep of thin-walled vessels which are pressurized by permeating gases
Abir Arbel, Dan Eliezer
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p. 423-426
Measurement of the activation energy for creep in a dispersion-strengthened molybdenum (TZM) alloy
Abraham Rosen
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p. 427-434
Investigations of the ternary system chromium-molybdenum-oxygen
Alfred Svoboda, Stefan Windisch (deceased), Hans Nowotny
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p. 435-440
An empirical estimation of the Henrian constants of dilute metallic solutions
Oswald Kubaschewski
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p. 441-458
Thermal expansion of iron, cobalt, nickel, and copper at temperatures up to 600 K above melting
William D. Drotning
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p. 459-466
A six-wavelength radiation pyrometer
James L. Gardner, Trebor P. Jones, Marcus R. Davies
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p. 467-472
Dynamic seal for use where shafts of high rotational speeds are taken from a high-pressure container
John L. Sturges
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p. 473-474
Conferences and meetings
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