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p. 595-596
7th European Thermophysical Properties Conference
R. De Coninck
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p. 597-610
Thermodynamic properties of lithium hydride, lithium deuteride, lithium tritide, and their solutions with lithium
E.E. Shpil’rain, K.A. Yakimovich
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p. 611-616
Investigations of the thermophysical properties of refractory metals near the melting point
V. Ya. Chekhovskoi, S.A. Kats
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p. 617-622
Experimental study of the thermophysical properties of benzene and diphenyl mixture up to 200 bars and 700 K
N.I. Gorbunova, V.M. Simonov, V.A. Shipova
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p. 623-636
Émissivité monochromatique directionnelle d’un acier inoxydable de type 304L compte-tenu de différents états de surface microrugueux
Jean François Sacadura
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p. 637-644
Étude de cinétiques de transformations de phases par calorimétrie adiabatique à balayage
Jacques Rogez, Jean Le Coze
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p. 645-648
Saturated vapour pressures of sodium, potassium, and lithium alloys
I.I. Novikov, V.V. Roshchupkin, N.J. Mikhailov, M.A. Pokrasin, A.I. Chernov
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p. 649-660
Thermal conductivity of porous and highly porous materials
Brigitte Schulz
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p. 661-664
Investigation of the thermal transport properties and temperature anomalies near the Curie points of the classical ferromagnets cobalt and iron
V.E. Peletskii, E.B. Zaretskii
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p. 665-674
Effect of structural variation and impurities on the electric and thermal conductivity of zirconium carbides over a wide temperature range
I.A. Vishnevetskaya, A.V. Gaisanyuk, T.E. Zapadaeva, V.A. Petrov
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p. 675-679
Thermophysical properties of solid lithium hydride and its isotopic modifications
T.N. Mel’nikova
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p. 681-686
Influence of the lattice parameter on electric conductivity of cubic fluoritic ternary oxide systems
Joël Carriat, Emile Debray, Michel Gouet, Michel Guillou
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p. 687-694
Thermal conductivity measurements on granule-based composites
Wolfgang Neumann
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p. 695-699
A laboratory instrument for rapid determination of thermal conductivities in the range 0·4-5 W m-1 K-1
Karl G. Coumou, Ronald P. Tye
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p. 701-709
Thermal conductivity of reactor insulations
Peter Bröckerhoff
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p. 711-716
Mesure du pouvoir thermoélectrique absolu à hautes températures
Robert Schley, Jean-Pierre Lévèque, Christian Davoine, Gérard Métauer, Michel Gantois
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p. 717-718
Conferences and meetings
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p. 719-724
Author index
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p. 725-728
Subject index
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