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p. 489-497
Behaviour of fission products in TRISO coated UO2 particles with simulated high burnup
Aristides Naoumidis, Robert Benz, Helmut Grübmeier
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p. 499-515
High-temperature chemomechanical interactions between alkali metals and urania-based oxide reactor fuels
Martyn G. Adamson, William H. Reineking
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p. 517-522
Experimental investigations of caesium and iodine release from irradiated UO2
Martin Peehs, Günter Kaspar
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p. 523-526
Corrosion of materials by solutions of nonmentals in liquid lithium and sodium
Martin G. Barker, Stephen A. Frankham. David R. Moore, David J. Wood
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p. 527-539
Carburisation behaviour of HK40 steel in furnaces used for ethylene production
David J. Hall, M. Kamal Hossain, and Ray F. Atkinson
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p. 541-548
Polarization study of hot corrosion phenomena in Ni-Cr alloys
John J. Truhan, Thomas R. Jeys
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p. 549-558
Silicon in layers on high-temeprature alloys for protection against oxidation and hot corrosion at temperatures near 1000° C
Johann Daimer, Erich Fitzer
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p. 559-570
Oxidation of iron-chromium-silicon alloys (Cr 0 and 9 wt%, Si 0-1 wt%) in carbon dioxide at 500° C
Patrick T. Moseley, Gillian Tappin, John C. Rivière
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p. 571-580
55Fe and 18O tracers in magnetite scales growing on iron and dilute iron-silicon alloys
Alan Atkinson, Rodney I Taylor
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p. 581-591
Chemical thermodynamic analysis of the interaction of 304 stainless steel with the gases and the CaSO4 deposit in the fluidized-bed combustor
Terrence B. Lindemer, Ray L. Pearson
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p. 593-598
Stability range and electric conductivity of Co1-xO
Bertin Sossa, Patrick Ochin, Georgette Petot-Ervas
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p. 599-606
Determination of the stability of Cu3 TiO4 by solid-state emf measurements
Lars Pejryd, Erik Rosén
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p. 607-615
Phase equilibria in Si3N4 and SiC ceramics
Hans Leo Lukas, Johannes Weiss, Hermann Krieg, Ernst-Theo Henig, Günter Petzow
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p. 617-618
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