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p. 619-631
Calculation of quasibinary and quasiternary oxynitride systems
Larry Kaufman, Fred Hayes, Dunbar Birnie
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p. 633-640
Phase equilibria and thermodynamic data for the Cu-S system
Alan T Dinsdale, Timothy G Chart, Thomas I Barry, Jeffrey R Taylor
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p. 641-648
Computer assessment of thermodynamic data
John B Pedley, Elizabeth M Marshall
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p. 649-651
Note on the prediction of the enthalpy of formation of solid compounds of the transition and noble metals with chalcogens and halogens
Anton K Niessen
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p. 653-660
Equilibrium relations in systems containing chromium oxide, with a bearing on refractory corrosion in slagging coal gasifiers
Arnulf Muan
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p. 661-668
Alkali-metal release during the pyrolysis of sodium and potassium benzoates
Gerald W Stewart, Ashok Chakrabarti
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p. 669-679
Thermodynamic models of alkali-metal vapor transport in silicate systems
John W Hastie, William S Horton, Ernest R Plante, David W Bonnell
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p. 681-686
Production of hydrogen by direct thermal decomposition of water with the aid of a semipermeable membrane
Bernard Cales, Jean François Baumard
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p. 687-694
Kinetics of hydrocarbon and hydrogen reaction at solid and liquid Al2O3 surfaces
Paul C Nordine, Louis Essandoh, Hayim Abrevaya
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p. 695-707
Diffusion of chromium and silicon in nickel solid-solution alloys of the Ni-Cr-Si system
Graham R Johnston
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p. 709-716
The influence of the addition of MgO on the surface mass transport of alumina
Claude Monty, Jacques Le Duigou
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p. 717-724
Oxygen transport through silica surface layers on silicon-containing ceramic materials
Jürgen Schlichting
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p. 725-728
Electromigration in CeO2-x
Francis Millot, Naima Ait Younes, Paul Gerdanian
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p. 729-730
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p. 731-732
Conferences and Meetings
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p. 733-737
Author index
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p. 739-741
Subject index
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