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p. 119-130
Effect of uncertainties in detector responsivity on thermodynamic temperatures measured with an optical pyrometer
Ronald E Bedford, Ma Che Keung
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p. 131-138
Thermal conductivity of ceramic materials under helium as a function of temperature and helium pressure (10-1000 °C, 1-40 bar)
Ludolf Binkele
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p. 139-146
Ceramics as materials for measurement resistors in noise thermometry
Heinz Brixy, Detmar von Mallinckrodt, Arthur Lynen
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p. 147-150
Fracture of carbon-fibre-reinforced epoxy resins at low temperatures
Erich Fitzer, Roland Weiß, Günter Hartwig
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p. 151-155
Shift-register sequences and their applications in thermal-dynamic measurement of insulating structures
Wolfgang Schwanecke, Jochen Fricke
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p. 157-164
Vacancies and the entropy of fusion of metals
Tadeusz Górecki
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p. 165-168
The specific heat of refractory metals and oxides in the solid and liquid state
Michael Hoch
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p. 169-178
The origin of the specific heat anomaly in solid urania
Paul Brown, Gerard J Hyland, Jeffrey Ralph
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p. 179-190
Electronic contributions to the high-temperature thermophysical properties of UO2+x: a critical analysis
Gerard J Hyland, Jeffrey Ralph
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p. 191-198
Thermal diffusivity measurement of molten salts by use of a simple ceramic cell
Yoshio Kato, Kazuo Furukawa, Nobuyuki Araki, Kiyosi Kobayasi
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p. 199-204
Thermometry by surface probes
Magne Lamvik
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p. 205-214
Vapor pressures and vapor compositions in equilibrium with hypostoichiometric uranium-plutonium dioxide at high temperatures
David W Green, Joanne K Fink, Leonard Leibowitz
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p. 215-224
The performance of pressure-controlled heat pipes at low vapour pressures as calibration enclosures
John V McAllan
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p. 225-232
Improving the extinction properties of an evacuated high-temperature powder insulation
Roland Caps, Jochen Fricke, Harald Reiss
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p. 233-240
Measurement of the thermal conductivity of evacuated load-bearing, high-temperature powder and glass board insulations with a 700 x 700 mm2 guarded hot plate device
Dietrich Büttner, Jochen Fricke, Rudolf Krapf, Harald Reiss
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