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p. 241-244
Thermal diffusivity of stainless steel and graphite in the range 400-1000 K
Sobhy R Atalla
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p. 245-247
Separation of anharmonic and vacancy effects in thermophysical properties
Göran Grimvall
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p. 249-254
Theory of thermal conductivity of solids at high temperatures
Paul G Klemens
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p. 255-264
Measurement of thermal diffusivity of rocks at high pressure
Vladimir V Mirkovich, William B Durham, Hugh C Heard
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p. 265-276
Canadian research into radioactive nuclear waste disposal
Vladimir V Mirkovich
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p. 277-283
Thermal properties of sulphur under pressure
Ove Nilsson, Olov Sandberg, Gunnar Bäckström
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p. 285-288
Thermal expansion behaviour of binary GeO2-SiO2 glasses
Jürgen Schlichting, Sylvia Neumann
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p. 289-298
Theory and measurement of the viscosity of suspensions
Wolf D Sältzer, Brigitte Schulz
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p. 299-309
Thermal diffusivity of composites
Raymond Taylor
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p. 311-320
Volumetric properties of water in the critical region
Hidemitsu Hanafusa, Toshiaki Tsuchida, Masakuni Araki, Haruki Sato, Masahiko Uematsu, Koichi Watanabe
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p. 321-328
Thermal expansion of reference materials: tungsten and α-AI2O3
Guy K White, Ronald B Roberts
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p. 329-334
Evacuated high-temperature insulations for electrochemical batteries
Botho Ziegenbein
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p. 335-346
The O¯ state, hydrogen, and carbon in solid solution in refractory oxides
Friedemann Freund
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p. 347-349
Gas evolution from arc-fused MgO
Rolf Knobel, Friedemann Freund, Jean Pierre Coutures, Rainer G Schaefer
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p. 351-352
DC conductivity of arc-fused MgO
Hendrik Kathrein, Friedemann Freund
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p. 353-354
Carbon diffusion in arc-fused MgO
Hendrik Kathrein, Heinz Wengeler, Rolf Knobel, Friedemann Freund, Guy Demortier, Horst Gonska
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p. 355-356
Dielectric behavior of arc-fused MgO
Jürgen Kötz, Friedemann Freund, Erwin Klatt
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p. 357-358
Thermal expansion anomaly and low-temperature internal friction in MgO
Friedemann Freund, Heinz Wengeler, Eberhard Wappler
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