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p. 477-480
In Memoriam: Professor John C Jamieson
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p. 481-494
Theoretical analysis of the mechanics of pressure generation in mechanism of the MASS OB-8 type
Shigeru Yamamoto, Hiroshi Sawamoto, Mineo Kumazawa
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p. 495-509
Apparent, lattice and radiative, thermal conductivity at temperatures from 300 to 1500 K and pressures up to 5.6 GPa: results for MgO and NaCI
W Reigh MacPherson, Helmuth H Schloessin
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p. 511-515
Thermodynamics of chemical equilibria at high pressures
Sefton D Hamann
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p. 517-523
Thermal expansion of copper gallium selenide at high temperatures
Namireddy Amrutha Reddy, Puram Kistaiah, Keta Satyanarayana Murthy
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p. 525-531
Zur Frage der Hochtemperatur-Lorenzzahl bei Wolfram—eine Analyse neuer Meßwerte der thermischen und elektrischen Leitfähigkeit im Temperaturbereich 300 bis 1300 K
Ludolf Binkele
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p. 533-538
Pressure-induced phase transitions in the vacancy compounds Hg5Ga2 ◻︎ Te8, Hg3Ga2 ◻︎ Te6, and Hgln2 ◻︎ Te4
Tu Hailing, George A Saunders, John W Penfold
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p. 539-546
Melting and solid-solid transitions at high pressures for PbCI2, PbBr2, CdCI2, CdBr2, Cdl2, SrBr2, and BaCI2
William Klement Jr, Paul W Richter, James B Clark
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p. 547-552
Calculations of Hugoniot curves for noble metals by the pseudopotential method
Lin Guang-Hai, Li Shu-Shan
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p. 553-564
Shear strength measurements at high temperatures and pressures
Lakovos Sigalas, James B Clark, Stewart Hart
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p. 565-571
Thermodynamic properties of cadmium-lead alloys at 900 °C
Francis J Nazareth, Edward H Baker
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p. 573-582
A new determination of the freezing point of palladium
Peter B Coates, Terrence R D Chandler, John W Andrews
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p. 583-585
The fcc or hcp to bcc transition in elements at high pressure (Research Note)
Lin-gun Liu
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p. 587-594
Über den Einfluß von Gasblasen auf das Hochtemperaturkriechen gedopter Wolframdrähte
Peter Schade
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p. 595-596
Book reviews
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p. 597-598
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