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p. 599-611
Short-term instabilities in thermocouples containing nickel-based alloys
Robin E Bentley
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p. 613-627
Innovation in high-pressure MASS OB-8 apparatus equipped with x-ray diffraction
Shigeru Yamamoto
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p. 629-644
Analysis of thermal conductivity experiments on glass at high temperatures
Martin I Darby
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p. 645-656
Effect of pressure on the band structure, Fermi surface, and superconductivity of lanthanum
Mamundi Dakshinamoorthy, Kombiahtheuar Iyakutti
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p. 657-675
Two high-pressure AI(OH)3 phases and contributions to the Al-Al2O3-H2O system
Frank Dachille, Paul Gigi
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p. 677-683
Vapour-phase studies of NaF-AIF3 melts. 3. Thermodynamic data
Halvor Kvande
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p. 685-691
Vapour-phase studies of NaF-AIF3 melts. 4. Activity data
Halvor Kvande
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p. 693-701
Synthèse et étude à haute température des composés Ln2CoO4 et LnCoO3 (Ln = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Gd, Dy, Er, Yb)
Raymond Flamand, René Berjoan
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p. 703-706
Properties of some new NbC-Nb eutectic alloys containing nickel for high-temperature use
Robert P H Fleming
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p. 707-714
Dimensional change of carbon material under compressive stress at high temperatures
Hideto Matsuo, Tamotsu Saito, Yasuichi Sasaki
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p. 715-716
Polynomial representation of the Decker equations of state for NaCI and CsCI (Research Note)
Sharrill D Wood, Vern E Bean
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p. 717-721
Author index
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p. 723-726
Subject index
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