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p. 1-6
Mesure de la diffusivité thermique de UO2 fondu
Claude Otter, Daniel Damien
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p. 7-20
Evaluation and prediction of thermophysical properties with the MELPAC-ORTHO package
Andrew I Johns, Alan C Scott, James T R Watson
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p. 21-26
Experimentelle Bestimmung der integralen Schmelzenthalpie von Buntsandstein, Granit, Schiefer, Schmeltzbasalt, Al2O3 und MgO
Günter Kaspar, Martin Peehs, Reinhard Höpfl
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p. 27-32
Determination of the thermodynamic state of metastable liquids under transient conditions by Brillouin light scattering
Jacques Leblond, Maud Roulleau
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p. 33-38
Le comportement à la fusion en régime transitoire de combustibles nucléaires
Lucien Roche, Franz Schmitz, Gérard Lhoste
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p. 39-44
Thermophysical, magnetic, and dielectric properties of nematic liquid crystals
A G Shashkov, I P Zhuk, L E Golovicher, V A Karolik
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p. 45-48
Thermal conductivity of yttrium-aluminium garnets with rare earth ions
L N Vasil’ev, I Dzhabbarov, L S Parten’eva, V S Oskotskii, I A Smirnov
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p. 49-55
Measurement of the density of molten materials at high temperatures
K A Yakimovich
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p. 57-61
Experimental study of viscosity and thermal conductivity of lithium in the gaseous phase
N B Vargaftik, V S Yargin, A A Voschinin, V I Dolgov, V M Kapitonov, N I Sidorov, Y V Tarlakov
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p. 63-66
Activities of the Thermophysical Properties Centre at the Institute for High Temperatures (IVTAN)
Viktor F Baibuz, Mikhail S Trakhtengerts
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p. 67-79
Implications of thermophysical properties in geoscientific investigations for the disposal of nuclear waste in a salt dome
Johannes Kopietz
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p. 81-91
A data base for nuclear waste disposal for temperatures up to 300 °C
Sidney L Phillips, Lenard F Silvester
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p. 93-102
Structural analysis of the determination of thermal diffusivity of composite samples with up to three layers by the modulated heating method
A G Shashkov, S Yu Yanovskii, T N Abramenko
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p. 103-107
Workshop: High-temperature thermophysical properties of nuclear oxide fuels
David L McElroy, Gerard J Hyland, Jeffrey Ralph
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p. 109-114
Workshop: Thermophysical properties of industrial insulators
David L McElroy, Günther Neuer, Ronald P Tye
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p. 115-118
Workshop: Thermophysical properties of composites
Ekkehart Kröner, Brigitte Schulz
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