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AlRAPT Workshop on the Evaluation of High-pressure x-Ray Diffraction Data
Karlsruhe, FRG
7-8 August 1984

p. 489-490
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p. 491-494
Recent improvements in angular dispersive high-pressure x-ray diffraction
Sudhir N Vaidya, Walter A Grosshans, Wilfried B Holzapfel
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p. 495-499
Position-sensitive x-ray diffraction: hydrostatic compressibility of argon, tantalum, and copper to 769 kbar
Jian Xu, Ho-kwang Mao, Peter M Bell
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p. 501-505
Evaluation of high-pressure x-ray diffraction data from energy-dispersive conical-slit equipment
Ulrich Benedict, Claude Dufour
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p. 507-513
X-ray diffraction in the diamond anvil cell: techniques and application to silicon
Ian L Spain, David R Black, Larry D Merkle, Jing Zhu Hu, Carmen S Menoni
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p. 515-520
High-pressure energy-dispersive diffraction research with synchrotron radiation
Janus Staun Olsen, Leif Gerward
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p. 521-525
X-ray structure analysis of V3Si under high pressure
Guenter Barent, Manfred Dietrich, Walter H Fietz
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p. 527-532
Recent advances in a facility for high-pressure structural studies using synchrotron radiation
Earl F Skelton, Jack D Ayers, William T Elam, Thomas L Francavilla, Carl L Void, Alan W Webb, Stuart A Wolf, Syed B Qadri, Murli H Manghnani, Li Chung Ming, John Balogh, Cho-Yuan Huang, David Schiferl, Ronald C Lacoe
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p. 533-537
X-ray diffraction studies of neptunium Laves phases at high pressure
Johann Zänkert, Ulrike Potzel, Josef Moser, Walter Potzel, Thomas Obenhuber, Michael Wunsch, Georg M Kalvius, Joseph Gal, Ulrich Benedict
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p. 539-543
Energy-dispersive x-ray diffraction with synchrotron radiation
Walter A Grosshans, Ernst-Friedrich Duesing, Wilfried B Holzapfel
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p. 545-548
Volume compression of cerium compounds
Jean-Michel Léger
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p. 549-551
Measurement of compressibility and high-pressure thermal expansion of minerals with a helium-pressurised heated x-ray camera
Gerhard Ott, Ekkehard Karotke, Egon Althaus
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p. 553-557
Comments on the structural features of high-pressure phases
Erwin Parthé
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p. 559-562
Indexing of high-pressure powder diffraction patterns and search for possible structures
Kenichi Takemura
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p. 563-571
Use of internal pressure calibrants in situ in x-ray diffraction measurements at high pressure and temperature: review and recent results
Murli H Manghnani, Li Chung Ming, John Balogh, Earl F Skelton, Syed B Qadri, David Schiferl
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p. 573-579
Diamond anvils
Michael Seal
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p. 581-583
Abstracts of papers not published in this journal
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p. 581
Is Pr-lll a triple hexagonal close packed structure phase?
Jagannadham Akella, Gordon Smith

p. 581-582
The crystallographic pedigree: its use for structure analysis under high pressure
Giovanni D Andreetti

p. 582
EXAFS studies of samples at high pressure: discussion based on recent experiments
Hans Dieter Hochheimer, Arendt Werner, Bruno Lengeler

p. 582-583
Compression mechanisms in mineral-like compounds
Robert M Hazen, Larry W Finger

p. 585-588
Comments on the Al RAPT Workshop, Karlsruhe: some remarks on high-pressure x-ray diffraction and the interpretation of high pressure data
Horst P Beck
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p. 589
List of participants
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p. 590
Author index
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