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p. 1-16
Developments in temperature measurement and its applications to thermophysics
Luigi Crovini
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p. 17-26
An analysis of measurements of the thermal conductivity of liquid urania
Joanne K Fink, Leonard Leibowitz
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p. 27-29
Thermally induced Frenkel disorder in UO2 and ThO2
J Emyr Macdonald, Kurt Clausen, Barry Garrard, Michael A Hackett, William Hayes, Raymond Osborn, Peter Schnabel, Michael T Hutchings
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p. 31-33
The parallel hot-wire method for the determination of the thermal conductivity of ceramic fibre refractories
William R Davis
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p. 35-39
Thermal transport studies using pulse transient hot strip measurements of vitreous silica produced by vacuum deposition
Silas E Gustafsson, Mohammad Aslam Chohan, M Nazim Khan
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p. 41-45
Theory of heat conduction in nonstoichiometric oxides and carbides
Paul G Klemens
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p. 47-52
Thermal diffusivity measurements on some molten semiconductors
Raymond E Taylor, Lawrence R Holland, Roger K Crouch
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p. 53-59
The determination of intermolecular forces between polyatomic molecules by the inversion of thermophysical properties
E Brian Smith, Andrew R Tindell, Bryan H Wells
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p. 61-66
Thermal properties and Grüneisen functions of forsterite, Mg2SiO4
Guy K White, Ronald B Roberts, John G Collins
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p. 67-73
Thermal transport properties of CaO-stabilized zirconia with varying amounts of stabilization
Vladimir V Mirkovich, Thomas A Wheat
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p. 75-78
Thermal diffusivity of aluminium oxide based ceramics
Wolfgang Neumann
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p. 79-88
Thermal diffusivity of thermal barrier coatings of ZrO2 stabilized with Y2O3
Paul Morrell, Roy Taylor
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p. 89-96
Emissivity determined from hemispherical reflectance and transmittance throughout the thermal infrared spectrum
Frank J J Clarke, John A Larkin
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p. 97-102
Electronic thermal transport in narrow band gap semiconductors
Chandra M Bhandari, D Michael Rowe
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p. 103-109
Thermal diffusivity of zinc as a function of pressure and temperature
Per Jacobsson, Berti I Sundqvist
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p. 111-115
Transport properties of the titanium solid phases
V E Peletskii
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p. 117-118
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p. 119-122
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