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p. 123-129
Calorimetric study of the effect of deformation on precipitation in a commercial Al-Zn-Mg alloy
Peter Howard, Richard Pilkington, Gordon W Lorimer, Frank R Sale
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p. 131-137
Measurement of the viscosity of sea water under high pressure
Katsuhiko Kobayashi, Akira Nagashima
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p. 139-143
Tests of models for shear viscosity coefficients
Dwain E Diller, Lambert J Van Poolen
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p. 145-151
A new method for accurate measurement of spectral emissivity
John S Redgrove
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p. 153-160
Scanning pyrometry with microsecond time resolution
Francesco Righini, Alfonso Rosso, Alberto Cibrario
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p. 161-172
Estimation of the thermophysical and mechanical properties and the equation of state of Li2O
Oscar H Krikorian
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p. 173-183
The physical properties of slags formed during coal gasification
Jeffrey M Rhines, Kenneth C Mills, Frances H Putland
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p. 185-199
Thermophysical properties of solids under high pressure (A Review)
Gunnar Bäckström
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p. 201-206
An equation of state for fluorine vapour expressed in terms of the second and third virial coefficients
K Marjorie de Reuck
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p. 207-213
Recent results on thermophysical data of liquid niobium and tantalum
Ralph Gallob, Helmut Jäger, Gemot Pottlacher
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p. 215-218
Thermoelectric properties of organic materials (A Review)
Maria Zabkowska
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p. 219-224
Measurements of total emissivity of chilled and frozen foods
Paul Nesvadba
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p. 225-231
Thermal diffusivity of some fine-weave carbon/carbon-fibre composites
Andrew Whittaker, Roy Taylor, Henri Tawil
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p. 233-240
Phonon properties of LaNbO4 deduced from heat capacity measurements
Michael V Nevitt, Gordon S Knapp, Marcos H Grimsditch, Sai-Kit Chan, Anthony T Aldred
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