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p. 241-251
The thermal conductivity of liquid hydrocarbons
Sam F Y Li, Geoffrey C Maitland, William A Wakeham
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p. 253-260
Thermal contact resistance at the pellet/cladding interface in the fast reactor boron carbide control rod pins
Stephen D Preston
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p. 261-265
High-temperature calorimetric investigations
Pierre Le Parlouër, Jacques Mercier, Francis Pithon
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p. 267-270
Improvements to the isobaric expansion experiment and recent results for lead
Robert S Hixson, Max A Winkler, John W Shaner
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p. 271-276
Developments in the hard-sphere model of fluids: self-diffusion
Allan J Easteal, Lawrence A Woolf
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p. 277-284
Uncertainties of thermodynamic data of fluids
Haruki Sato, Masahiko Uematsu, Koichi Watanabe
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p. 285-290
Thermodynamics of metastable (superheated) liquid
G V Ermakov, P A Pavlov, E N Sinitsin, V P Skripov
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p. 291-302
The transport properties of polyatomic gases
Marc J Assael, Fredrick R McCourt, Geoffrey C Maitland, Merih Mustafa, William A Wakeham
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p. 303-309
Radiative heat transfer in anisotropically scattering fiber insulations
Roland Caps, Jochen Fricke, Harald Reiss
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p. 311-316
Factors influencing thermal conductivity measurements on composites (A Review)
Ronald P Tye
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p. 317-324
Heat capacity of n-pentane in liquid and vapour phases including the critical region
Boris A Grigor’ev, Anatoly A Gerasimov, Vladimir E Kharin, Yuri L Rastorguev
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p. 325-331
Thermal expansion of CFRP/aluminium/CFRP composite spherical shells
Joanne Hodges, Martin I Darby, Bernard Yates
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p. 333-341
Thermal conductivity of evacuated load-bearing powder and fibre insulations under variable external load
Dietrich Büttner, Jochen Fricke, Harald Reiss
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p. 343-348
Effect of radiation on thermal transport measurements
Kenneth C Mills, William A Wakeham
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p. 349-355
High-temperature thermophysical properties of nuclear fuels
Gerard J Hyland, David L McElroy, Jeffrey Ralph
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p. 357-358
Thermophysical properties of geological materials
Alan E Beck, Terry Ashworth
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