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p. 359-364
Investigation of thermophysical properties in the USSR (A Review)
Konstantin A Yakimovich
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p. 365-369
Thermophysical properties of new ceramic materials in relation to phase transitions
Tong-gen Xi, Yong-ling Wang, Lian Duan, Ben-min Wang
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p. 371-374
Stabilizing effect of small quantities of MgO on ThO2 particles in Ni-Co composites
Mehdi Ghodsi, Teddy Beatse
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p. 375-380
Thermal conductivity of evacuated transparent silica aerogel tiles
Dieter Büttner, Roland Caps, Jochen Fricke
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p. 381-385
Radiative heat transfer in composites
Paul G Klemens
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p. 387-394
Effect of water loss on the heat capacity of coal
Rosemary A MacDonald, Jane E Callanan, Sandra A Sullivan
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p. 395-401
Nonsteady-state behavior of thermal insulations
David L McElroy, Ronald S Graves, David W Yarbrough, Timothy W Tong
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p. 403-412
Analysis of the local thermal conductivity in inhomogeneous glass fiber insulations
Harald Reiss, Botho Ziegenbein
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p. 413-419
Thermal conductivity of pure ice and tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydrates
T Ashworth, L Ronald Johnson, Lei-Ping Lai
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p. 421-427
Measurements of apparent thermal conductance of nonhomogeneous samples
Guido Milano, Claudio Pisoni
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p. 429-435
Thermophysical properties of propellants
Robert L Shoemaker, John A Stark, Raymond E Taylor
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p. 437-445
Thermal conductivity, electric resistivity, and Lorenz function for some transition metals measured by a direct electric heating technique
Ludolf Binkele
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p. 447-452
Radiation effects with the AC heated strip technique for the measurement of thermal properties of liquids
Sobhy R Atalla, Saleh M Barmo
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p. 453-460
Thermal conductivity of ethane at temperatures between 110 and 325 K and pressures to 70 MPa
Hans M Roder, Carlos A Nieto de Castro
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p. 461-464
Analysis of the data on thermal expansion of some A15-type intermetallic compounds
S V Suryanarayana, M Somi Reddy
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p. 465-468
Thermal conductivity of tin between 15 and 500 °C
Wolfgang Hemminger
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p. 469-476
Measurement of the thermal conductivity of argon: a test of the accuracy of a transient hot wire instrument
Umesh V Mardolcar, João M N A Fareleira, Carlos A Nieto de Castro, William A Wakeham
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p. 477-480
A nomogram for the calculation of the transverse thermal conductivity of uniaxial composite lamina
Brian W James, Graham S Keen
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