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p. 1-12
Melting lines of simple substances: thermodynamic similarity and behaviour of thermal properties
V P Skripov, M Z Faizullin
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p. 13-16
High-temperature specific heat of molybdenum, tantalum, and tungsten
Michael Hoch
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p. 17-28
Measurement of thermal and kinetic properties of a glass-filled polymer composite to high temperatures
Jack B Henderson, Martin R Tant
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p. 29-34
Numerical determination of equivalent thermal diffusivity of nonhomogeneous materials
Paolo Bondi, Albino Buizza, Gaetano Vacca
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p. 35-41
Contribution of thermal radiation to the temperature profile of semitransparent materials
Freddy Malpica, Antonio Campo, Andres Tremante
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p. 43-47
Transport coefficients for polyatomic gases
Rosa Maria Velasco, Francisco J Uribe
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p. 49-54
Thermal flux measurements with a compensated heat flow meter at elevated radiation influence
Miroslav Cvetković
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p. 55-59
An apparatus for measuring the thermal conductivity of fluids
Essen F Buyukbicer, James E S Venart, Ramesh C Prasad
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p. 61-64
Structure of liquids and their thermal properties
Arjun J Dangre
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p. 65-77
Specific heat and thermal conductivity of plasma sprayed yttria-stabilized zirconia and NiAI, NiCr, NiCrAI, NiCrAIY, NiCoCrAlY coatings
Rüdiger Brandt, Lech Pawlowski, Günther Neuer, Pierre Fauchais
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p. 79-85
Compressions and phase transitions of tin to half a megabar
Ming Liu, Lin-gun Liu
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p. 87-89
Pressure-induced first-order phase transitions of crystalline material
Lin-gun Liu
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p. 91-94
Critical point in the phase diagram of LiKS04
Sandhya Bhakay-Tamhane, C Karunakaran, S N Vaidya
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p. 95-98
Pressure dependence of the Néel temperature of chromium and α-manganese measured with a strain gauge to 2 GPa
Syuzo Tamura
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p. 99-105
Infrared spectra and phase transitions of solids under pressure. 11 : Polyphenyls
Sefton D Hamann
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p. 107-111
Suppression of steam explosions in tin and Fe-Al2O3 melts by increasing the viscosity of the coolant
Lloyd S Nelson, Kenneth P Guay
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p. 113-115
Pressure-induced superconductivity in yttrium
R Asokamani, T N B Noorjahan, S Pauline, M B Suvasini
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p. 117-118
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