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p. 241-247
Intercomparison of pressure standards up to 500 MPa by means of pressure transducers
Gianfranco F Molinar, Luciano Bianchi, Jai K N Sharma, Kamlesh K Jain
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p. 249-254
Liquid-phase density from solid-state properties
Hubert Schins, Fred S Gunnerson
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p. 255-264
A differential scanning calorimetry study of ethylene and propane up to 10 kbar: the phase diagram of ethylene up to 23 kbar
Louis van der Putten, Jan A Schouten, Nestor J Trappeniers
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p. 265-269
Specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and thermal diffusivity of spinel ferrite Ni1+2x Fe2-3xSbxO4 in the temperature range 400-1000 K
Abdelwahab A El-Sharkawy, Abdelsalam M Abousehly, El-Sayed M Higgy, Sobhi R Atalla
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p. 271-276
Thermodynamic properties of the Fe-V system
Victor P Itkin, Charles B Alcock, John F Smith
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p. 277-282
Berechnung der Dichte von flüssigem Hexan
Erich Schwarz-Bergkampf
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p. 283-291
High-temperature oxidation and corrosion of iron-based superalloys
Frank D Lemkey, John G Smeggil, Richard S Bailey, Julius C Schuster, Hans Nowotny
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p. 293-300
Shear strength of pyrophyllite and talc as a function of pressure, temperature, and relative humidity
lakovos Sigalas, Anastassios Vlachos, George Vekinis
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p. 301-310
The use of sandwich-type composite metal gaskets in an MA8 type apparatus to generate 15 GPa in a 1.8 cm3 sample volume
Akira Yoneda, Manabu Kato, Yasushi Kôzuki, Hiroshi Sawamoto, Mineo Kumazawa, Ryuji Makino
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p. 311-316
Absolute thermoelectric power measuring system for high-pressure studies 311
V Iyengar Shubha, T Gundappa Ramesh
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p. 317-318
High-pressure polymorphism of Ca2SiO4 revisited
Lin-Gun Liu, Bruce G Hyde
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p. 319-327
Field ion microscopic investigations of lattice imperfections of refractory metals at low and high temperatures
Erich Krautz
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p. 329-336
Very high-temperature creep behaviour of powder metallurgically produced (P/M) molybdenum alloys
Yoshiharu Fukasawa, Shinichi Ogura, Hideo Koizumi, Tatsuhiko Matsumoto
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p. 337-346
The role of atmosphere and impurities during sintering of cemented carbides
Björn Uhrenius, Leif Åkesson, Marian Mikus
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p. 347-349
An evaluation of the heat stability of synthetic diamonds by means of mass spectrometer QMG
Vladimír Koželuha, Josef Drexler, Jiří Havlíček
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p. 351-356
New uses for molybdenum in electric glass melting systems
Ralph E Miller
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p. 357-358
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