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p. 599-607
Significance of discrete Lorenz function levels at high temperatures resulting from new metallic conductivity measurements
Ludolf Binkele
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p. 609-616
N–CLAD–N: A novel advanced type N integrally–sheathed thermocouple of ultra–high thermoelectric stability
Noel A Burley
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p. 617-625
Submillisecond six–wavelength pyrometer for high–temperature measurements in the range 2000 to 5000 K
Jean–Pol Hiernaut, Rutger Beukers, Wilhelm Heinz, Raoul Selfslag, Michael Hoch, Roland W Ohse
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p. 627-633
Determination of the melting point and of the spectral and total emissivities of tungsten, tantalum, and molybdenum in the solid and liquid states with a six–wavelength pyrometer
Jean–Pol Hiernaut, Rutger Beukers, Michael Hoch, Tsuneo Matsui, Roland W Ohse
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p. 635-638
High–temperature sound speed measurements in expanded liquid tantalum
Robert S Hixson, Max A Winkler, John W Shaner
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p. 639-643
Thermodynamic properties of liquid nitric oxide
Henrique J R Guedes, Manuel Nunes da Ponte
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p. 645-654
Limitations of the pulse diffusivity method as applied to composite materials
Robert L Shoemaker
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p. 655-663
Transport properties of liquid mercury under high pressure
Bertil Sundqvist
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p. 665-673
Diffusion of liquid uranium into solid tantalum foils up to 1350 °C
Moshe Kuznietz, Zvi Livne, Carlos Cotler
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p. 675-678
Elastic constants of calcium borosilicate (CaB2Si2O8)
Hüsnü Özkan, Louis Cartz
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p. 679-682
Experimental values for the densities of molten UC and UC2 at their melting points
Hubert Schins
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p. 683-688
Infrared ellipsoidal mirror reflectometer for measurements between room temperature and 1000 °C
Mauro Battuello, Franco Lanza, Teresio Ricolti
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p. 689-696
Measuring thermionic emission of Al2O3 and LaCrO3 cermets
Eva Penders–Vankova, Godefridus H M Gubbels, Lodewijk R Wolff
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p. 697-705
A sealed cell for the copper point
Luigi Crovini, Antonio Actis, Roberto Galleano
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p. 707-710
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p. 711-716
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