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p. 237-249
Combined radiation and conduction heat transfer in insulating materials
Mariacarla Arduini, Francesco de Ponte
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p. 251-259
Optical characteristics of semitransparent porous media
Gérard Guilbert, Catherine Langlais, Gérard Jeandel, Guy Morlot, Sorin Klarsfeld
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p. 261-267
The effect of radiation in transient hot-wire measurements on solids
Akira Nagashima, Ichiro Takahashi
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p. 269-273
Thermographic investigation of laser flash diffusivity measurement
Teruo Arai, Tetsuya Baba, Akira Ono
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p. 275-282
A comparator technique for continuous measurement of thermal conductivity of solid materials
Magne Lamvik
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p. 283-286
Thermal conductivity equation for gas dielectrics in the presence of an electromagnetic field
Stefan Suknarowski
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p. 287-291
Calibration of infrared spectral radiation and emissivity of gas-fired radiators
Chu Zaixiang, Li Bijuan, Xu Jiwan
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p. 293-297
Precise calculation of the effect of specular reflection in a hemispherical surface pyrometer on emissivity measurement
Sun Yuxing, Chu Zaixiang, Chen Shouren
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p. 299-302
The effect of deviation of cavity temperature and wall emissivity on the accuracy of emissivity measurements
Liu Baoming, Chu Zaixiang, Xu Wenhui
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p. 303-310
Thermophysical properties of POCO AXM-5Q1 graphite in the 300 to 1800 K range
Aleksander Dobrosavljević, Neńad Perović, Kosta Maglić
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p. 311-322
Relation between the structure and the Seebeck coefficient of carbon fibres
Wilhelm Frohs, Erich Fitzer, Franciszek Rozpłoch
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p. 323-330
‘Intrinsic’ thermal conductivities of basic food components
Julien Andrieu, Elisabeth Gonnet, Michel Laurent
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p. 331-335
Simultaneous identification of thermophysical properties of water-containing foods
Paul Nesvadba
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p. 337-342
An in-situ thermogravimetric method for determining the oxygen self-diffusion coefficient in nonstoichiometric oxides at high temperatures
Francis Millot, Christian Picard, Jacques Berthon
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p. 343-347
High-temperature thermophysical properties of nuclear fuels
Gerard J Hyland
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p. 349-350
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