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p. 351-355
Thermodynamic analysis and classification of the methods of experimental determination of the thermal conductivity of gases
A G Shashkov, T N Abramenko, V I Derban, I P Zhuk, V I Krylovich
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p. 357-363
High-temperature diffusivity measurements by periodic stationary method
Hélène Rouault, Jean Khedari, Christine Arzoumanian, Jacques Rogez
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p. 365-369
An improved hot-wire method for the determination of the thermal conductivity of solids
Wolf-Dieter Emmerich, Eggert Peters
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p. 371-380
Evaluation of thermal conductivity and diffusivity of concrete by means of the two-linear-parallel-probe method
Andrea Donati, Alessandro Lanciani, Paolo Morabito, Pio Rossi, Franco Barberis, Renza Berti, Aldo Capelli, Pier Giorgio Sona
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p. 381-387
Thermal conductivity of iron, plain carbon and stainless steels, and Inconel 718 from 360 K to 900 K
Livio Filoni, Gabriele Rocchini
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p. 389-395
Thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of (U0.8Pu0.2)O2_x mixed oxide fuel at high temperatures
Michel Beauvy, Jean-Marc Bonnerot
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p. 397-405
Optical properties and thermal expansion of molybdenum as a thermophysical reference standard
V Ya Chekhovskoi, L N Latyev, V A Petukhov, E N Shestakov, S V Onufriev, A Z Zhuk
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p. 407-410
Thermal expansion and density of solid alkali metals: isotopic effects
T N Mel’nikova, M S Trakhtengerts, K A Yakimovich
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p. 411-416
Thermal expansion and moisture expansion of carbon-epoxy composite materials
Vincent Baudinaud, Maurice Canevet
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p. 417-424
Radiative heat transfer in molten potassium nitrate and glassy melts of boric oxide
Tan He Ping, Michel Lallemand
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p. 425-430
The saturated vapour pressure of lithium, sodium, potassium, rubidium, and cesium
A G Mozgovoi, I I Novikov, M A Pokrasin, V V Roschupkin
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p. 431-435
Physical properties of some mixed phosphates from the natrophyllite family
Jablan Dojčilović, Milena Napijalo, Milan Napijalo, Lazar Novaković
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p. 437-442
Physical properties of hematite near the high-temperature magnetic phase transition
Lazar Novaković, Aleksandar Srećković, Jablan Dojčilović, Milan Napijalo
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p. 443-445
Measurement of the temperature of carbon electrodes during the graphitization process
Italo Letizia
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p. 447-454
Essai d’interprétation des diagrammes binaires de cristaux plastiques
Pierre Cuvelier, Marc Warenghem
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p. 455-460
Changes in thermal diffusivity of the 32 NiCrMoV 12 3 steel associated with phase transitions
Hans-Joachim Sölter
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