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p. 461-471
Pulsed laser heating of acoustically levitated microspheres under pressure
Joseph Magill, Franco Capone, Rutger Beukers, paul Werner, Roland W Ohse
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p. 473-476
Measurement of the melting point of refractory materials by laser surface heating
A V Kirillin, A V Kostanovskii, V L Vinogradov
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p. 477-499
Critical evaluation of the thermodynamic properties of the iron-cobalt system
Armando Fernández Guillermet
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p. 501-508
Thermomechanical properties of low-cost aligned Fe-Cr-Mn-C alloys
Hans Nowotny, Frank D Lemkey, Steven F Wayne, David D pearson, Hemant Gupta
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p. 509-512
Thermal conductivity of titania-doped UO2 -4% PuO2
Arghya Kamal Sengupta, Kulbhusan Singh Arora, Arun Kumar, Chaitanyamoy Ganguly
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p. 513-518
The principles of calculation of high-pressure multicomponent phase diagrams
Muyu Zhao, Ping Xiao, Hongye Kang
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p. 519-522
Pressure dependence of the resistivity of β-MnO2 measured to 2 GPa
Syuzo Tamura
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p. 523-529
Modified split-sphere guide block for practical operation of a multiple-anvil apparatus
Eiji Ohtani
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p. 531-536
The highest pressure attainable in Bridgman anvil apparatus
Akira Yoneda
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p. 537-544
Application of laser-Raman spectroscopy for characterization of carbon fibres
Erich Fitzer, Erwin Gantner, Franciszek Rozploch, Dieter Steinert
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p. 545-553
Hydrodesulfurization of petroleum cokes
Isao Mochida, Toshinori Marutsuka, Tetsuya Furuno, Yozo Korai, Hiroshi Fujitsu
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p. 555-557
Graphitization of coal-derived asphaltenes under a pressure of 1 GPa
Ryoichi Yoshida, Hidero Unuma, Yosuke Maekawa
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p. 559-565
Puffing behavior of needle coke prepared from heterocyclic compounds
Ken-ichi Fujimoto
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p. 567-572
Expansion of carbon bodies during baking measured in laboratory and industrial furnaces
Maurizio Lezzerini, Filippo Calderone, Italo Letizia
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p. 573-575
The effect of pressure on the superconducting transition temperature of YBa2 Cu3 O7-x (Research note)
C Jeremy Brown
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p. 577-578
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