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p. 579-609
Octahedral-anvil high-pressure devices
Akifumi Onodera
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p. 611-620
Compressibility and thermal properties of gaseous mixtures at high temperatures and high pressures
Olivier Heuzé, Pascal Bauer, Henri-Noël Presles
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p. 621-637
The thermodynamic discontinuities ΔS, ΔH, and ΔV along the melting curve. 3. The functional form of ΔV and corresponding states
Louis van der Putten, Jan A Schouten
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p. 639-652
The representation of volume effects in assessments of the thermodynamic properties of ferromagnetic elements
Armando Fernández Guillermet
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p. 653-656
Electronic structure and superconducting behaviour of barium under pressure
Ganapathy Subramoniam, Vijayaraghavan Sundararajan, Selvaraj Mathi Jaya
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p. 657-659
Pressure dependence of the Néel temperature of Mn01+y measured with a strain gauge to 2 GPa
Syuzo Tamura
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p. 661-664
Pressure calibration with argon and the equation of state for ruby to 600 kbar
Ji-an Xu
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p. 665-671
Volume compression of synthetic mullite to 4 GPa
Sudhir N Vaidya, Appaji K Kulkarni, Deepak K Joshi
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p. 673-676
Thermal decomposition of ε-Ti2N and δ’-TiN0.50 investigated by high-temperature x-ray diffraction
Walter Lengauer, Peter Ettmayer
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p. 677-686
Carbon-fibre-reinforced carbon composites from high-modulus fibres and mesophase precursor pitch
Bosung Rhee, Seungon Ryu, Erich Fitzer, Werner Fritz
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p. 687-692
Study of puffing inhibitors. Influence of particle size on puffing inhibition
Ken-ichi Fujimoto, Masahiro Yamada, Ryo Yamashita, Hisayuki Nagino
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p. 693
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p. 695-698
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p. 699-704
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