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p. 1-15
Research on thermophysical properties of solids at high temperatures at the Institute for High Temperatures of the USSR Academy of Sciences
A.E. Sheindlin, V. Ya. Chekhovskoi, E.E. Shpil’rain
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p. 17-30
The physics of the electric arc
M.F. Hoyaux
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p. 31-42
Polymorphism and stability of the semiconducting series Ag8MX6 (M = Si, Ge, Sn, and X = S, Se, Te) to high pressures
C.W.F.T. Pistorius, O. Gorochov
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p. 43-54
The thermal conductivity and total emittance of tungsten from 1800 to 2800°K
C.K. Jun, S. Ebrahim, M. Hoch
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p. 55-58
Measurement of the specific heat and the heat of fusion of tungsten at high temperatures by the wire explosion technique
I. Ya. Dikhter, S.V. Lebedev
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p. 59-61
The enthalpy and specific heat of the 80% W – 20% Mo alloy at high temperatures
V. Ya. Chekhovskoi, V.D. Tarasov, I.A. Zhukova
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p. 63-68
Measurement of the enthalpies for the CsF – Cs and Ba – Cs binary systems
E.E. Shpil’rain, D.N. Kagan
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p. 69-74
The total hemispherical emissivity of tungsten, molybdenum, and rhenium single crystals at high temperatures
V.E. Peletskii, V.P. Druzhinin
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p. 75-88
Influence of thermionic emission on measurements of electrical properties of refractory materials at high temperatures
J-P Loup, Nicole Jonkiere, Anne-Marie Anthony
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p. 89-93
The effect of oxygen traces on the nitriding of high-purity silicon between 1250 and 1380°C
K. Hüttinger
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p. 95-104
Propriyétés de transfert de mélanges hélium – potassium – argon
R. Darrigo
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p. 105-111
Red to black phosphorus transition up to 65 kbar
I. Sorgato, G.B. Guarise, A. Marani
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p. 113-120
High-pressure transformations in SrGeO3, SrSiO3, BaGeO3, and BaSiO3
Y. Shimizu, Y. Syono, S. Akimoto
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p. 121
Conferences and meetings
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