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p. 359-409
Spectroscopic measurement of high temperatures (A review)
H-W Drawin
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p. 411-418
Transport rate of molten nickel in glasslike carbon between 1330 and 1750°C
W. Weisweiler, N. Subramanian
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p. 419-428
Rotary electromagnetic levitation for high-temperature testing
K. Zeitsch
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p. 429-436
Electrical behaviour of sodium – silicon clathrates at very high pressures
F.P. Bundy, J.S. Kasper
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p. 437-452
High-pressure densities of molten alkali metal nitrates: compressibilities of sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate
A.F.M. Barton, G.J. Hills, D.J. Fray, J.W. Tomlinson
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p. 453-460
The relative permittivity of bis(diethylhexyl) sebacate as a function of pressure and temperature
W.G. Scaife
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p. 461-470
A critical assessment of the thermodynamic properties of the system iron-silicon
T.G. Chart
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p. 471-478
High-temperature mechanical properties of materials of the Mo – Ge – Si system (Research note)
K. Zeitsch, E. Fitzer
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